SmartConnect powered by SmartMatch

Medicare consulting for working adults

Medicare is what we do.

We know enrolling in Medicare can be a confusing, frustrating, and painstaking process—but it doesn't have to be. With our SmartConnect program, SmartMatch Insurance Agency, LLC is an ally for your Medicare needs.

SmartMatch Insurance Agency, LLC considers multiple coverage options to find a Medicare plan for your individual health care needs. We're a team of licensed insurance agents who ask you personalized questions to determine the level of coverage you may need—and coverage you don't.

Understanding your insurance alternatives with SmartConnect

SmartConnect is an exclusive program offering creative solutions for those who may not have yet fully explored the benefits of Medicare coverage.


Compare plans, policies, carriers, networks, and rates to help you understand the combination of coverage that will best meet your health care and budget needs. Our experience working with clients across the country allows us to identify common problems and solutions. You’ll work directly with our agents and have the opportunity to discuss any questions and concerns you may have.


The best partner is one that is worthy of trust. SmartMatch Insurance Agency, LLC is a proven partner with licenses in states across the country. By working directly with us, you’ll be able to find a process and product offering solution that allows you to increase efficiency and, ultimately, help more people.

HR Departments

Looking for a better solution for those employees who reach Medicare-eligibility? We will work with you to establish an efficient research and enrollment path for your valued employees. You’ll be confident that they are receiving the attention they deserve as they transition off of your employer-sponsored health plans.